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variety of nutrient-dense food

I guess you could call me an “Anthropological Foodie”, and someone who can help you make your vision of vibrant health a reality.

My formal education is in nutrition. My real-life practical education is in anthropological nutrition, probably not what most people think when they think food. The real question when it comes to the food we eat is “What do our genetics crave?”

The basis of this idea comes from the following questions:

  • What does your physiology need to be its best?
    (Not what does your mind want to eat.)
  • What shows up historically alike in communities of healthy people?
    (Not what studies can be manipulated to prove a food theory for profit.)
  • How can you choose and prepare nutrient-dense foods that will support you as they supported our ancestors for centuries?
    (Not a fix with a hand full of vitamins to compensate for empty calories from nutrient-deficient foods.)

What is a nutrient-dense diet and why should you care?

The reality is that typical modern-day food choices and preparation styles are making us less healthy. A shift to proper food choices and preparation is the only way to get back on the road to vibrant health. The good part is I know the ins and outs of the process…the short-cuts and preparation secrets to success.

I am here to pass this knowledge on to you.

  • How to soak grains to deactivate the phytic acid that makes them irritating to most people.
  • How to use fermented foods to increase digestion and good gut bacteria.
  • How to prepare vegetables so that more trace minerals can be absorbed by your body.
  • How to heal the connective and joint tissue in the body using collagen soups and bone broths.

You’ll learn these things and more when we work together.

Pulling together the right resources

You’ll be empowered with tried and true steps, largely based on the Weston A. Price research, the research work of Dr. Jordan Rubin and many great historic texts.

Another key resource for my work is the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, by Sally Fallon. With this in hand and my experience you will learn how to shop and prepare your own meals using this method of cooking and eating.

To be clear, I do not diagnose, scrutinize blood work, prescribe vitamin regimens or design weight-loss plans. I do not want to be the doctor, the dietitian or the pharmacist.

I’m the chef in the kitchen who makes the most out of the healing power of nature. What I do is help you make your healthy vision a reality. Once you or your doctor have decided that a nutrient-dense diet is the right fit for your body and life I make the transition easy. I can get you from a feeling of overwhelm at the start, to one of “I can do this.”

Some of the ways I help people experience better health include:

  • Working with chiropractors’ and physicians’ patient referrals
  • Working with professional athletes for general health and injury repair
  • Teaching anthropologically-based food prep methods at the Ashland, Oregon Food Co-op.
  • Developing and teaching the Rogue Valley Farm to School volunteer training course
  • Teaching at local schools and women’s groups

To set up a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if what I have to offer is a good fit for you, please complete the form below.

Happy and healthy digesting to you!

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