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How Do You Pray?

woman with hands on heart

First I would like to say that the journey of connection is individual and cannot be done wrong. Sometimes we can get more efficient but authenticity is the key.

How I pray as taught by the Oneness University in India:

  1. Clarity. Be clear about what you want. How you want to feel. Focus on the solution.
  2. Be Authentic with your Divine High Self. If you are not feeling it, express that. If you are frustrated, express that. The intention behind what you are asking must be clear. Why do you want what you want. Be honest.
  3. Forgiveness. Yourself and others. Not that what they did was right but it was generated from a limited mind and that is what can be forgiven.
    Seek forgiveness. Think of a time that you were not your best and ask that person (in prayer) for forgiveness.
  4. Relate to your High Self. God and man are two ends of the same spectrum. Your connection is personal and essential to the creator. This is the only way the higher levels get to play in our world. When they are invited. You are a free being. So invite your Divine Self in.
  5. Praise your Divine High Self. Our lives are dependent on so many other people and things being provided. Thank nature, the universe and how you have been held in it. Sing, dance and eat with your Divine.
  6. Physical aspects of prayer. How to pray. See your situation as present and now solved. Move your eyes closed to the upper right area of the brain. See the solution like a movie, in color, 3D, and vibrant. With the conviction of seeing it happening now express gratitude in this moment.
  7. Detachment. Once you feel it-then you can detach with the feeling that you already have it. It feels good.
  8. Commitment. What are you going to give to make this happen. It could be that you will do your part. Pay attention to the clues you need to follow, do the work that is put in front of you that will get you there. Or give up something that is getting in the way of your peace and prosperity. This can be a moving target and can keep evolving.

Keep in mind that most problems are created by the small self for its own survival. Real problems can be solved. We in our society know that well. But created problems can only be solved by witnessing them. That is why if you can be a good witness what is left as an actual problem that can then be given over to efficient prayer and solved at the highest level. You will always have to follow through on what information you are given, but you can be confident that the process is working.

This process can be done formally (best at the same time each day) or informally throughout the day. . I always ask for my connection but I also have some things that trigger it for me. Some may be a scent, a place, or a way I put my hand on my heart. You will know what is right for you.

Done as many times as you like on different subjects. But once the formal prayer is done do not go back with doubt to pray again because you are unsure. Be sure. You can play the movie for fun and to increase the energy coming from a place of knowing that your answer is on the way. I usually pick a separate time to pray (formally), but often find myself doing it naturally as part of my life. For example, my son may be late and I have not heard from him so I ask my divine self for his protection and then visualize him safe and coming through the door.

Prayer can apply to any situation. Pray from a place of connection, power and knowing.

If you are uncertain about a situation or person, visualize the end result of how you want to feel not that it needs to come from a certain person, job or situation. Allow the universe to send what you need in the way that is best for you.

Remember our mind cannot understand how protected and loved we are. It is limited by the workings of a limited mind. So don’t go to a limited device to create unlimited solutions. Use the mind to get where you want to go, but don’t let it use and limit you.

Some of what goes on here cannot be understood. But that does not mean it does not work. We can plug in a lamp and use the light without understanding how electricity moves through the wires.

Blessings, Lauren

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