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Turning On the Light

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Turning On the Light In The Room

Since the last Presidential election many have called and said “What’s happening? I feel like I am in a crazy movie. I don’t know what is real. Real news, fake news, nasty postings, angry people.”

And now with the latest shooting in Texas the exhaustion of anger and deep sadness has set in again. Is this what we get for all the spiritual work that is supposedly happening?


Personally praying for awakening means that I become present with everything. All of it. The good and bad, darkness and light, the up and the down of our existence.

Think of it like turning on a light in the room. You may have turned on the light to find a beautiful vase you want for some fresh flowers, but instead, you see all the trash and dirt in the room. When you turn on the light you see everything, not just what you want to see. So many of us have been praying to see what is really there. This is what is there, along with all the beauty of who we truly are.

Let’s face it, the things we see showing up in our news, politics, and companies have always been there. They were not spoken about or acknowledged…but they were there. Many of us lived in a pretend state of wanting to only see what we wanted to see. Others have lived with the pain of all the dysfunctional activities that are being exposed but no one believed them. Then there are those who’ve profited from these crazy behaviors and could be blind to others’ suffering.

So now the lights are turned on. We are appalled at the language, the insults, the lies, the craziness and the utter violence. We are appalled at the brutality and the inhumanity towards each other.

It’s all been there. It was in the dark room.

But you know what we also had a hard time seeing without the lights on? The beauty in that dark room. The hidden joy, connection, bliss and pure awareness of who we are.

Since our prayers have turned on the light we have an actual chance to see who we really are. We are Divine Beings having this very human experience. We cannot be separated from who we really are, and finally, we can examine this connection.

Because we’re willing to look for our light we have to also be prepared to see all that is hidden in the dark. Just remember you cannot cherry pick awareness. If you ask to be aware you become aware of all that is present. If you choose to be oblivious then you also become oblivious to all that is there. That includes the love and connection as well as the pain.

So the next time you feel exhausted from the apparent insanity spilling from the media turn your attention inward. Find what is true inside you. Ask your Divine Connection to expose what is real. This way we can get out the cleaning bucket and mop up the mess in the room, uncovering the crystal vase for the waiting flowers. After all, how do you know what needs to be done if the darkness hides the real problem.

Welcome the light. Even if it seems messy sometimes.

Always remember to pray for what you want. Be grateful knowing that it’s coming to you. Feel in your body what the answer to your prayer would feel like in this moment. And so it is.

Blessings, Lauren

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