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Ask…& Sleep On It

woman looking up asking for guidance

I love sharing tips back-and-forth with other SRT Consultants on ways to be of more help to clients.  Here’s a simple process of asking that I use all the time, and that I’ve found to be really beneficial when preparing for upcoming clearing sessions.

It’s also something I suggest to my clients as a way of getting guidance and answers on their own.

At night before bed I go to my work schedule and look at who is listed on my books for a next day’s session. 

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How To Feed Your Soul

light radiating from third eye

To understand this post’s title…some thoughts about thoughts:

Being a Deeksha Blessing giver has brought many great benefits to myself and my family. The teachings of Oneness University are not of any single religion, but more an explanation of the practical methods to quiet the mind and live in the moment. It respects our own individual uniqueness while connecting us to the oneness that we all share.

When I think of how many years I tried affirmations,controlling my thoughts…in fact, being hyper-vigilant about every thought in my head…I feel exhausted very quickly.

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Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone Broth

Why on earth would someone boil the bones of an animal, then consume the broth?

Perhaps this will shed some light on their reasoning…

Many raw food fad-ists conform to a very strict raw food regimen. This seems good at first and in the short term acts as a kind of cleansing of the system. However, it becomes quickly noticeable that they are losing precious vital energy by cooling down their internal digestive system and many of the precious minerals our bodies count on cannot be digested properly in the extreme raw food atmosphere.

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