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How To Feed Your Soul

light radiating from third eye

To understand this post’s title…some thoughts about thoughts:

Being a Deeksha Blessing giver has brought many great benefits to myself and my family. The teachings of Oneness University are not of any single religion, but more an explanation of the practical methods to quiet the mind and live in the moment. It respects our own individual uniqueness while connecting us to the oneness that we all share.

When I think of how many years I tried affirmations,controlling my thoughts…in fact, being hyper-vigilant about every thought in my head…I feel exhausted very quickly.

So for me, the teachings have been essential to helping me understand that it is not my thoughts that are creating my world. It is the thoughts that I energize or give my attention to that create my individual existence.

Emotion is literally energy in motion.

The teachings from the University are practical. This is actual food for your soul.

I hope you will do something to feed your soul today.

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