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Ask…& Sleep On It

woman looking up asking for guidance

I love sharing tips back-and-forth with other SRT Consultants on ways to be of more help to clients.  Here’s a simple process of asking that I use all the time, and that I’ve found to be really beneficial when preparing for upcoming clearing sessions.

It’s also something I suggest to my clients as a way of getting guidance and answers on their own.

At night before bed I go to my work schedule and look at who is listed on my books for a next day’s session. 

I then do a short asking for their high self to download information that will be helpful for the next day into my high-self committee.  I ask that this be done without my consciousness being aware in my sleep and the sleep be undisturbed by anything.

The next day usually a short time after awaking I start to get feelings and pictures of what I might be encountering in the days sessions.  These clues need to be researched to find out if they are helpful but much of the time there is work going on in the background preparing for the coming day without me ever realizing.

I have used this experience to help my clients work more efficiently.

The next time you have an issue or problem to be solved, ask for help.  First do your due-diligence and think of all the logic conclusions to the problem then before bed ask your high self to go out into the universe and retrieve everything you need to help solve this particular problem.

Ask that it be at the highest level of good for all involved and then ask that if the answers are not immediately apparent that they be revealed to you easily over time.  Ask that they be obvious enough for you to notice and maybe even ask for a sign for you to notice.  It could be that you set up with your body that your right ear will tingle when you should be noticing something or that you will feel the need to yawn when you are to be especially aware.

Play with your ability to connect with your high self, your guardian angels and your healing committees.  It’s fun and very much worth the effort.

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