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You Get Your “I Am…”

The Power of “I Am…” Statements

Recently, towards the end of many clearings, Chart 15 will come up to be cleared.  It has come up so much that I asked High Self what I needed to know about this. 

 Here is what was communicated.

Because we do not fully understand the purity of the true I AM, we in a body have a tendency to attach human meaning to this statement.  For instance, I am cold, frustrated, late.  You get the idea.  From a human perspective this makes sense in conversation.  But when negative energy is added to this, I AM statements become commands that turn into ideas about ourselves, and then turn into temperaments that get played out. 

Let me give an example I often use with my clients.

I am in my office which has a window facing my neighbor’s house.  I see her pull up one day in a brand new car.  My mind says “Wow, look at her new car.  It’s beautiful, just the kind I wanted.  I am jealous.  Why does she get a new car and I don’t?  Oh my gosh, I am really jealous.  Maybe I am a jealous person.  I never noticed how jealous I am.”

Now I don’t give this another thought, but I have just attached an idea of myself to my I AM.  The universal energies that are responding “yes” to my every request will say “Ok, I will start sending you things to be jealous about.”  Uncomfortably, I start to experience more and more jealousy and before I know it, I have reinforced my I AM statement, and I think this is really how I am.  Now my friends start noticing how jealous I am without even realizing it, this becomes my temperament. 

Now, let’s see how differently this scenario can go.  Again, looking out of my window.  My neighbor pulls up in her new car and being present with the emotion that comes up in me I say “Wow, I’m experiencing jealousy.  My Divine Self can have any experience it wants, and this is what is here now.  Maybe I would like a new car, or I need to pay attention to what I do need right now.”

The experience is done, I am not made wrong for having it, I notice it as an experience, and then I move on to have another experience.  I do not build an identity out of that.  The result is my consciousness moves back into a beautiful neutral state and is ready for whatever appears next. 

Here’s another good example.

Often, I see that the ideas we have attached to the I AM come out of past life or childhood.  One day as a child you do not feel like talking to Aunt Emma and your mom says, “Go over and say hello to Aunt Emma.”  You put your head down and mom says to Aunt Emma, “He’s just shy.  Don’t worry, he still likes you.”  It gets said over and over again when actually you may have just been experiencing a shy moment.  Or maybe your body was tired, or you were thinking about something else.   But now the idea of “I am shy” gets attached and becomes an unconscious commitment.  And the play continues.  If not interrupted it becomes a temperament, and then a reality.

On Chart 15 I notice that these commitments are cleared all the way to Sprit Level, especially duality of the I AM consciousness gets released.  But I have found that bringing verbal attention to this will help to avoid future clearings on this chart.  When a client really gets that they can have an internal experience (I’m not saying they can have bad behavior in the outer world), and notice what is happening inside them, it can be resolved on its own.  The Divine Self is having an emotional experience.  This is bliss to the spirit who is having lots of fun with the experience of life. 

So, if you are taken to Chart 15, you might need to find the energies on 6A and then do the clearing needed.  Make sure you inform your client about the difference between being an emotion and experiencing an emotion.  It has made all the difference in the world for many of my clients.  Not only are they informed about how this system works, but it also relieves a lot of the mistaken beliefs about having unwanted emotions.  Let the emotions come and let them go.  Wave goodbye to the ones that are not fulfilling and nurture the ones that make you joyful.  No need to fight with anything.  Ahhhhhh, the joy of who we really are.

Nothing is truly attached to the I AM, except I AM that I AM.

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