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Lauren Briggs

I am a really practical person.

I do not connect with most spiritual practices or religions because I need to be an active participant in my growth. I love the human experience and our connection to the earth and our bodies. Day to day life for me is a spiritual experience. I am a whole person. To be truly spiritual I need access to all emotions.

Being spiritual to me is not about being a certain way all the time. It is being present all the time. Sometimes that feels really good and sometimes I am aware that it does not. I am divinely guided and have never enjoyed life so much.

I am a certified SRT consultant listed on the SRA website under North American Consultants: Oregon.

Spiritual Response Association website

I am a certified Deeksha giver. This is a title given to one who has done the appropriate courses through the EKAM trainers. We can offer a blessing from the founders of the EKAM in India. This blessing is used to quiet the mind and help the individual reach states of inner peace and knowingness of the self. EKAM can be found at:

EKAM – A World Center for Enlightenment

My original education is in anthropological nutrition and since that time I have become known as the “Happy Belly Chef”. I follow the basic principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation to prepare meals to heal the gut and produce healthier digestion. I still teach with the Rogue Valley Farm to School program founded at the Southern Oregon University Sustainability Center in Southern Oregon.

Weston A. Price Foundation website

I am studying Chi Nei Tsang and have done many forms of yoga, meditation, and balancing work on the physical body.

I came to know about SRT in 2002. I personally had done many spiritual practices and received benefit from every different practice. But my life changed dramatically after my first SRT session. I was determined at the time to learn more about this system and to share it with the world in whatever way I uniquely could

I have always known from childhood that I had gifts of healing and connection to my spiritual self. I don’t think that I am special, perhaps just a little more available to my higher self and believe that everyone can reach this if they have the desire.