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World made with painted hands

In striving to live in the spirit of Oneness, I can help you discover oneness within yourself.  The  individual transformation that can occur for those open to the experience leads to oneness in your family, oneness in society and oneness on the planet and towards all living things and ultimately, oneness with the Divine.  I’m happy to share my journey and the teachings of Oneness with anyone on a path toward greater fulfillment in life.

I am a certified Deeksha (Blessing) Giver, having completed the process with a Trainer licensed by Ekam – Oneness  In India.

EKAM – A World Center for Enlightenment

What is EKAM and how did it start?

EKAM started as Oneness University in India.  Two Avatars born in India who married and had a son were the originators of this movement.  Their son Krishnaji and his wife Preethaji have combined the Oneness University and Oneness Academy into EKAM.  They are committed to setting mankind totally and unconditionally free from the constraints of our mind and to opening our hearts to once again live in the moment.

Deeksha is the blessing passed on from the original avatars through teachers and students of the movement.  When a Deeksha giver offers a blessing by putting their hands on the top of someone’s head, the mind of the receiver goes into silent meditation.  The past worries and fears seem to melt away and be dissolved as a past experience.  The future opens without the baggage of the past.

How did I become a blessing giver?

Years ago the original  Avatars started to pass their grace on to other teachers, who then traveled the world and passed the blessing to other individuals who are able to give this gift.  I am lucky enough to be one of those individuals who was blessed by a teacher to pass on the gift.  My commitment is to offer the blessing whenever I can.

I keep referring to this as a gift.  It truly is a gift.  To have peace of mind is the greatest gift of all and I am thankful every day to be able to pass this on to others.

How does this happen?

Simply by finding a Deeksha giver and allowing them to put their hands on your head anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute with an intention of passing on the grace you receive what you need in that moment to connect with your Divine self.  Where it goes from there is up to you and your individual divine process.

Where can I find someone to do this?

I would be happy to give a Deeksha blessing at any time free of charge.  You can also find a local group who usually meet to share the blessing with others in most communities.  You can go to the website and put in your country and community and find others who are willing to offer the blessing.

What do I search for?

Look for Oneness Blessing Givers or Deeksha Givers.  Make sure they are connected with the EKAM in India.  The above link will start the process.  There are many groups and events all over the world and many in the United States in large and small cities.

May you be blessed in your journey and fulfill your heart’s desire.

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