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How to Use a Pendulum for Clear Answers #2

Pendulums can help you find clues to the origination of specific problems…from this life or a past life. Energy unresolved is alive and wants to continue to live but once you find it and bring it into the light of day you can then decide to continue or redirect the energy somewhere else.

Using a pendulum is not magic and does not function on its own. It is a way of extending the body into the limitless field of energy around you to get answers, moving your muscles, so the answer becomes visible. All the answers you need are in and around you.

I would like to help you continue your journey of using a pendulum for your everyday needs.

Day & Time:

Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (9:00 PM Eastern)
Session will last about 60 minutes (depending on Q&A time needed)

& Payment:

Session cost is $25.00.
Use the PayPal link on the right (or below on mobile).
Please register by making your payment at least 24 hours before the session starts.

Zoom Meeting Details:

You will receive a Zoom link by email.

What We will explore:

  • Preparation to work with a pendulum so you know where your answers are coming from.
  • How to expand your personal charts to help your process.
  • Find your personal way the answers come to you. Explore new avenues.
  • Learn to ask questions in different ways for different views to the same question.
  • Finding ways to empower you to keep connecting as much as possible with the expanded being that you truly are.

Join me and learn how you can use a pendulum to help you in making day-to-day decisions and moving forward!