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Seeking Change

new plant in field of rocks

What kind of change do you want?

A few years ago a friend of mine and I were having coffee near the Thanksgiving Holiday. She made the comment that she was tired of everything in her life. She loved her family but wanted a new house, new job and maybe a move to a new town. But all she said was ‘I want things to change’.

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Ask…& Sleep On It

woman looking up asking for guidance

I love sharing tips back-and-forth with other SRT Consultants on ways to be of more help to clients.  Here’s a simple process of asking that I use all the time, and that I’ve found to be really beneficial when preparing for upcoming clearing sessions.

It’s also something I suggest to my clients as a way of getting guidance and answers on their own.

At night before bed I go to my work schedule and look at who is listed on my books for a next day’s session. 

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