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Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone Broth

Why on earth would someone boil the bones of an animal, then consume the broth?

Perhaps this will shed some light on their reasoning…

Many raw food fad-ists conform to a very strict raw food regimen. This seems good at first and in the short term acts as a kind of cleansing of the system. However, it becomes quickly noticeable that they are losing precious vital energy by cooling down their internal digestive system and many of the precious minerals our bodies count on cannot be digested properly in the extreme raw food atmosphere.

The theory behind their efforts start out right since raw foods are colloidal and tend to be hydrophilic, meaning that they attract liquids. That is why when we eat a salad or some other raw food, the hydrophilic colloids attract digestive juices for rapid and effective digestion. Salads are an essential part of any good balanced meal. Colloids that have been heated are generally hydrophobic which means they repel liquids. This makes them harder to digest. So if eating all raw cuts out important proteins (most people will not eat raw meat) and cooking creates difficult digestion what is the answer.

The answer is bone broth, better known to us as soup stocks. The proteinaceous gelatin in meat broths has the unusual property of attracting liquids-it is hydrophilic-even after being heated. The same action that forms desserts, like Jell-O, which attracts water to form a semi-solid substance is what happens in our digestive system when bone broths are ingested. The broth attracts digestive juices to the surface of cooked food and allow better digestion.

Therefore, by ingesting broth with any meal it compensates for the effect of cooked foods, soothes the whole digestive system and helps to repair our bones and collagen.

In folk lore, chicken broth was used as a remedy for colds and flu. Modern research has confirmed that broth helps prevent and halts the spread of infectious diseases. Often, when we get the stomach flu it irritates the stomach lining. This irritation can be intense enough for the lining to pull away from the muscle itself. The sticky glue-like action of the gelatin not only soothes but also helps to reattach the lining so it can continue to heal. If used daily it helps to protect you from many health problems.

You can use broth as a starter soup to any meal. You can exchange it for liquid in your cooking recipes, especially the water used to boil rice or other grains. It can also be used as the base for gravy that accompanies a cooked meal. This adds extra gelatin and flavor anytime. You can make your own stock from the bones of healthy organically raised animals or you can now buy organic broth in prepackaged containers in the soup section of any good market. Either way it is worth the effort of working them into your daily meal planning.

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