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My Path to SRT

forest path

In response to questions I receive from time to time, I wrote the following article which was published in the April, 2015 issue of “Ascension”, the newsletter of the SRA (Spiritual Response Association)

It lays out some of my history and my path to become a certified SRT Consultant. For those who are interested, it gives you insight into my thoughts and beliefs on life, spirituality, and choices I make based on them.

I’m happy to share this with you…

For years I studied esoteric material mostly to relieve my mental suffering. As I look back, I think it was important to pour over all that material and read all the great teachers. My studies took me from Christian teachings all the way to the eastern philosophies of karma and dharma. There are many familiar themes in all this material

Some highlights are forgiveness; do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and my favorite, the idea that we are co‐creating our existence. I loved everything I read and felt inspired at the time but soon lost my energy when peace of mind and changes in my life still eluded me. How could these ideas seem so true and yet so hard to attain in my everyday life. I was really trying; it was not for lack of that

What I realized later was that my vision was not expanded enough. I was just running the programs that were set in place either from my past or my childhood. You know the things you were told about yourself. The things I was taught about God and the ideas I held onto from other places and times… and then SRT came into the picture.

After my first session with SRT the way I thought about myself changed dramatically. The information about my past lives felt so real. It explained a lot about what I was dealing with in my present life. Many beliefs and programs were cleared and thereby opening new avenues for my future. What I mean is that I actually felt myself standing on top of the mountain helping to create my life instead of at the bottom of the valley looking up begging for help. My issues did not disappear overnight but my perspective on them did; and that helped them progress in a dramatically different direction.

From my perspective, SRT bridges the gap between the esoteric eternal truths and how I can bring them into the real world. What an amazing tool! Our work does not negate any perspective or ask anyone to give up the knowledge that has been passed down through the ages. It does ask us to open up to a larger expanded view of our connection with Source. It clears the blocks that we made in this life or other lives to diminish our connection. It opens us up and allows us to utilize the lessons from other times and places without having to continue the pain and trauma connected to the lessons.

When I clear a client, I can feel the weight of a pattern, program, or belief fall away. They gain new perspective on an issue. And with the esoteric beliefs that love is the highest vibration, I help them move forward leaving behind negative thought patterns and emotions.

I do believe that everything happens in its right time and place. We have been given this blessing so that the external world we have created can connect with the reality of who we are. It takes my worldly skills to bring about a great session. I use my years of study with other teachers, my knowledge of SRT and esoteric material, my present understanding of our connection to the unseen world, and my great questioning based personality in my work every day. These are all very worldly skills that help me to connect with my spiritual self and all my helpers.

It is hard to convince people that they are divine beings and that the eternal truths of who we are still prove true to this day. With a tool like SRT it’s much easier for me to help them make that connection for themselves.

I still love to read my esoteric material. It makes far more sense since I practice SRT. The more I delve deeply into the material, the more I realize how real and accurate SRT is. I encourage my clients to continue their journey into their personal search for their connection to God, but I love having SRT as a real‐life bridge to our divine selves. I have been able to help so many more people by helping to relieve their suffering … then I plant the seed that there might be much more to them than they ever imagined. What a great job I have.

I write this with deep gratitude to all the practitioners and consultants working to bring divine essence into our world. You make this a better place every day and a better world for our children.

My best to you always!


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