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Forgiveness Is Internal

woman in a sunlit field

After my last blog, “Forgiveness “Happens,” great questions were posed to me that I felt needed to be shared with all of you.

“What if I come from a deeply disturbed family and their behavior is so destructive to me that I can’t forgive, or be in their energy, without it damaging me? What does this have to do with seeing what is happening in me?”

From my experience, this circumstance and the “seeing” are intimately linked.

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Forgiveness “Happens”

girl in sunlight with hands across her heart

Everyone says you need to forgive in order to be well

I would say that’s true.

But, we can’t force ourselves to forgive. Have you ever tried to do that? It’s very stressful and usually involves denying some pain that lives in you.

So first I would say, from my experience, forgiveness is a happening. When does it happen? When you have been able to witness that your mind has drawn you into the past trying to right the wrong.

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